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Next Generation of Energy Management.


Battery System Engineering

Xdot2 can provide consulting services to assist in the design and optimization of:

  1. Battery sensing electronics for stationary and automotive applications (voltage, current, temperature, etc)

  2. Battery control module electronic design (high-voltage design, microprocessor and component selection, etc)

  3. Battery management algorithms and software (state-of-charge, charge control, cell balancing, fault detection, etc)

  4. Battery pack thermal management design

  5. Battery isolation contactors, load precharge circuits, isolation fault detection, etc

  6. Expertise in the control of PbA, NiCd, NiMH, NaS, and Li-ion battery chemistries

  7. Selection and design of on-board and off-board battery pack chargers

Xdot2 technical specialists have worked on the design and engineering of battery management electronics and systems for 30 years.  Their experience includes real automotive program launches for EV, HEV and Fuel Cell vehicles by the Big 3 domestic OEMs.  In addition, they have worked directly for several Tier 1 automotive suppliers in the development of energy saving electronic modules for conventional automobiles.  Many of these projects involved the use of PWM techniques to reduce electrical load and improve fuel efficiency.

If you are considering developing an EV, HEV or PEV and require assistance with the specification or design of the battery system, Xdot2 can help.  If you already have a battery pack but need support designing or implementing an electronic battery management system, Xdot2 can help.  If you need unique instrumentation or development tools to complete validation of your battery system design, Xdot2 can help.

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